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Nov. 14th, 2010

Lots Of New Items Added, Offers Welcome, Payment Plans Can Be Arranged, Guys & Gals Stuff Various Sizes from UK6-UK28 and Footwear UK3.5-UK6.5 - Grab A Bargain!!!

Sep. 11th, 2010

Kids Clothes

Various SizesCollapse )

Aug. 18th, 2009

Rubber/Latex Wear

Murray & VernCollapse )

Aug. 22nd, 2008

Original Artwork by James Hockridge

Read more...Collapse )

Aug. 17th, 2008

Lip Service Items Both Guys & Gals

Lip Service Items Guys & Gals ItemsCollapse ) Also I have my lippy spreadsheet of what I own and what I'm selling which has a few more items listed on it here: Lippy Love -  I'm also willing to entertain offers on other items not already listed for sale :D

Coats, Jackets, Waistcoats & Outerwear

Read more...Collapse )

Tops, Corsets, Vests, Shirts

Read more...Collapse )

Skirts, Dresses & Outfits

Read more...Collapse )

Trousers, Pants, Capri's, Jeans

Read more...Collapse ) -

Living Dead Dolls, Belts, Hats, Fringes, Falls, Dread Wig, Fascinators, Bags, Beanie Babies/Bears)

Read more...Collapse )Read more...Collapse ) 

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