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Living Dead Dolls, Belts, Hats, Fringes, Falls, Dread Wig, Fascinators, Bags, Beanie Babies/Bears)

Craig Morrison Hook Bag, clearly has issues on the spikes but could be fixed/diy'ed maybe - taking offers on this :)

Cyberdog Armband Pocket - £15 PVC Spiked Collar - £5

BNWOT Shimmery Scarf - £10


Brand New White Headband Fascinator - asking £28 - Reduced to £18

Brand New Black Headband Fascinator - asking £28 - Reduced to £14 as tag has been removed and there is a small tear in the veil

Brand New Red Headband Fascinator - asking £28 - Reduced to £18

Brand New With Tags Eastpak Boxster Bag - asking £25 - Reduced to £18

Tiger Bag - £5 - Reduced to £4  Blue Bag £3.50 - Reduced to £3 Belt £2.50 - Reduced to £2

Lord of The Rings 500 piece Jigsaw Puzzle - asking £5 - Reduced to £3.50

Pink Bag - asking £3 - Reduced to £2 

Selection of Bags

Black Shoulder Bag £5 - Reduced to £3.50 - Lil White Handbag £2  - £1.50  Lil Black Handbag £3 - £2  Duck Bag £4 - Reduced to £3  Purple Bag £3 - Reduced to £2 

Blue Scarf - asking £3.50 - Reduced to £2.50
Blue Denim Wrap with Tassles - asking £7.50 - Reduced to £5

Black Elasticated Waist Belt £4 Thick Black PVC Belt £4 Brown Belt £5 Silver Scarf £4.50 Black Chenille Scarf £4.50 Grey Patterned Belt £4.50 Black Thick PVC Belt £3.50 White Belt £3.50 Beige Belt w/Round Disc Buckle £5 Brown Belt £4 Gold PVC Belt £3.50  

Wide Snakeskin Effect Belt - asking £10 ono - Reduced to £8 Width: 3" Length: 40.5"-44.5"

Accessories - all brand new with tags - mist bought for a themed girls night out which never happened :(

White Long Length Beads - cost £3 each - asking £1.50 each 
Pink Belts - cost £6 each - asking £4 each
Yellow Belt - cost £7 - asking £4.50
Head Wrap - cost £3.50 - asking £2.50

Burlesque Cocktail Hat on a comb - asking £30 - Reduced to £20
Bath Stuff/ Cosmetics/Creams Etc Majority are 100% others used once or twice - Make Offers  
Cow Print Fur & Denim Bag - asking £5 - Reduced to £3.50
Goldigga Bag - asking £3 - Reduced to £2 
Amazing full Dread Wig - unworn, with little crystal adornments, has a skincap for realism - asking £95 - Reduced to £85 Beanie Babies, Many Retired - make offers Beautiful unworn 1off handmade scarf asking £10 Now Reduced to £6 Reduced to £4 -

Perfectslim Anti-Cellulite Machine and cream - unused - asking £20 Reduced to £12

1920's Flapper Lady Statue - unused - asking £8

Lil Lolita Headress - asking £7.50 Reduced to £5 - 48 hour sale price £3



Excellent - It'll cost around £5 to post is that ok with you? Let me know - if so just paypal across £7 to succubus[at]cwcom[dot]net xxx

Hogwarts Bag

Hi, could you give me the dimensions on this bag? And is it green, like the picture? I just wanted to make sure, since lighting can make it look weird sometimes :) Would you take $10 US for this bag if the Quoth the Raven dress from your other listing is still available and I buy that at the same time?
Thanks again!
Clip In Fringes asking £7.50 each
Is the one on the right orange or red?
It's Red poppet :)
Oh Lord have mercy -- I just commented asking about the Voodoo Dolls cardi and white shawl from the tops post -- what about adding in the pink scarf, the white scarf, and that sparkly scarf I was previously coveting? They'd not add much to the package weight, surely?
You already paid for the voodoo dolls cardi poppet! and the sparkly scarf has gone in with that as a freebie - package hasn't left yet due to a real issue with the local post office guy! Gah he really is very stupid, I wonder how he got the job tbh! Anyway The package is ready to go but I can pop the white shawl, the white scarf and the pink one in for you and I'll go to the city post ofice instead this weekend, all being well that is :) - It'll be £10 for the scarves and shawl poppet, I'll cover any extra on shipping as long as you can cover pp fees please - same address succubus[at]cwcom[dot]net please xxx
uhoh your html looks a little messed up!
Sorted now - one missing > would you believe it!!!!
first blue scarf (the light blue/dark blue one) and peace sign necklace. how much to canada?

Living Dead dolls

Hi, Am interested in your dolls. How much with postage? Do you take paypal? thanks very much trirt

Re: Living Dead dolls

Would you like the lot? and where would I be posting to?
whats the best you could do for the red fringe and the black n red flower scarf all in :)
£6 all in?
Furry Hat £5
Perfectslim Anti-Cellulite Machine and cream - unused £8

How much would these be all in please honey?
£18 via paypal please to succubus[at]cwcom[dot]net

thanks honey
BNWOT Top Hat Fascinator - £10 (clips on)
Living Dead Dolls Dottie Rose and Jinx asking £20 each - Reduced to £17.50 each - 48 hour sale price £15
Living Dead Doll - Series 5 Vincent Vaude - asking £15 - Reduced to £12.50 - 48 hour sale price £10

can i get a picture of the top hat? its not showing up.
trade maybe?
The top hat has sold - hence why the pic link doesn't work and I'm not up for trading atm, sorry x

Lil Lolita Headress

do you ship to the U.S.? Because I want to buy the Lil Lolita Headress.