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Coats, Jackets, Waistcoats & Outerwear

Excellent Condition Vintage Styled Wool Peacoat Sz S best for UK8/10 - £85

Black PVC Trenchcoat from The Black Rose UK12 - Originally cost £100 in Camden, however, there is some peeling to the PVC at the back top of the shoulders and a little on the inside of the collar, hence price - £40

Criminal Damage Brand New Jacket Retail £39.99 - asking £30

Morgan Jacket Size 2 which is approx UK10 - asking £60 - Reduced to £50

Long Black Wool/Cashmere Coat (Hubermanns from Selfridges) Sz UK10 - Good Condition - asking £50 - Reduced to £40

Red thick PVC Mac UK14 - one button missing hence price, other than that in fab condition - £20 - Reduced to £15

Full Measurements to follow

Full Length Black Leather Coat, has a belt also UK14 - fantastic condition - asking £80 - Reduced to £55

River Island Jacket UK8 - asking £20 - Reduced to £15 Measurements: Bust: 32-34" Waist: 28" Arm Length: 24" Length: 21"

Lovely Black Floorlength Velvety Furry Coat Sz10 - has some wear an tear as shown and some weird dye staining to the purple lining reflected in the asking price - £15 - Reduced to £12

Lovely Furry Coat approx Sz10 (age15-16yrs) - asking £35 - Reduced to £30

Fabulous Alexander Morris of London Silver Cyber Barbarella Coat with fake fur trim (M) - has some minor flaws which have been shown - hence low asking price of £18 Reduced to £10

Chest: 40"
Waist: - adjustable - can be pulled in but 42" max
Arm length: 25.5"

Lovely Bench Gillet/Bodywarmer In Mint Condition (M) - Unworn - asking £15 Now Reduced to £13 Reduced to £10

Chest: up to 38"
Waist: up to 42"
Length: 20.5"

Doc Martens Bodywarmer cost £45 Now Reduced to £15

Bust: up to 36"
Length: 22"

Wrangler Bodywarmer UK10/12 Cost £35 Now Reduced to £15


Chest: 36"

Length: 23"

Red & Yellow Camo Waistcoats, Labelled 38, could also be used as spare fabric asking Yellow £5 - Red £3 due to mark


Chest: 46"

Length: 25"

Black Blazer Jacket, 80's feel to it worn and a little bobbly hence price £2 UK12-16?


Chest: up to 42"

Length: 21"

Arm Length: 24.5"


Re: Fabulous Alexander Morris of London Silver Cyber Barbarella Coat with fake fur trim (M)

Yes it is available but I'd have to check on the materials. It does seem warm and the foil outer is a weird material but pretty awesome :)
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