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Kids Clothes

There are some camera spots on some of the pics.

Pink Next Jumper, Age 5-6yrs. Asking £2 ONO. Missing pink cord (the type you get in hoodies)

Bang On The Door "Lil Grown Up" LS Top, 122/128cm. Asking £3 ONO.

Pinky/Silvery Swim Suit, Age 11-12yrs. Asking £2 ONO.

Cute Lil Camo Top , Age 5-6yrs. Asking £2 ONO. slight bobbling.

Cute Lil Tye Dye Mesh Top, Age 4-5yrs. Asking £2 ONO.

Bad Girl Dungarees, 134cm. SOLD

Black Combat Style Trousers, Age 8yrs. Asking £5 ONO.

Black combat style Trousers with straps, Age 7-8yrs. Asking £5 ONO.

Criminal Damage Jeans, worn once for about 2 hours, practically Brand New, Size 23" Waist. Asking £6 ONO.

Spase Trousers, worn once, practically Brand New, Size 23" Waist. SOLD


Bad Girl Dungarees, & the Space Trousers! can I get them both for 20 US dollars?? :DD
You can but shipping, packaging and fees will be about $15 - if you want them you can have them for $35 total payable to succubus[at]cwcom[dot]net x
Hi there,

are you still interested in these?
did you measure the bottoms? :D
14" and 11" flat hon x please make payment asap :)
Sent the payment. When should we expect the purchase?
is there a tracking number for the package?
Hon, I do apologise, I have been very sick this last week and unable to get out to the post office. I'm attempting to go back to work today and will pop to the post office today if I can. It will not have a tracking number as you have not requested that before and that would cost more (£3.50) I hope you understand. Thanks
Oh I hope you feel better.
Hello I have not heard from you in a few days. I would like to know if you've sent the package yet.
Hi there,

The head dress is proving elusive atm but I'm having another look today - I'll be sending some extras in your package to apologise for the delay - I have had some health issues which have resulted in me not being at home etc - not your fault I know - if I cannot locate the elusive head dress would you like a refund for that or would you like to choose something else around that price?

Let me know x
a refund would be okay unless you had another headdress or lolita-esque items around that price range.
I'm very glad to hear you're doing better at least!
Could you please tell me when you'll be sending the package? We sent the payment a while ago and we were hoping to have it by next week or so.
I am justgetting 2 Lolita headbands made up for you. I can send sat so hopefully will be there by Friday next week. I have popped lots of lil extras in too.


Wow this blog defo has some old school alternative criminal damage clothing on it :] bet you can't pick some of these classics up any more!